Welcome to another fine edition of Random Rants.  Lots of fun stuff to rant about today so let’s get it on…

  1. New friend Megan has a fun review of Darren Hayes Club Delicacy and some fun photos too with Antigone and MadisonCheck it out here and send her lots of love – she is fabulous and has agreed to guest blog on EQ sometime!  We love her even more!  Also Darren Hayes has graciously offered to give EQ readers some tix to an upcoming Club Delicacy show in London – so stay tuned for more details!
  2. Scissor Sisters have released some cool video of their recent live London acoustic gig – it was virtually impossible to get tickets to this event, so thanks to the Scissor Sisters for editing it into a beautiful little video package for all of us.  Video link.
  3. Get an exclusive remix of ‘I Get Around’ by one of our new favorite bands of the moment – Dragonette.  All you have to do is show them some Top 8 Myspace love!  Put Dragonette in your top 8 list on Myspace, and email [email protected] with your MySpace URL in the subject heading. Ba-bam, you’ll then get a remix of ‘I Get Around’ mailed back to ya!
  4. Information Society are looking to make a comeback! ‘OSCILLATOR’ is the first new commercial EP release from the electro band in six years!  Check out their MySpace and new single ‘Back In The Day’ for more details!
  5. Robyn is coming to London on 29th March for a show at Cargo and Popjustice are giving you a chance to be her roadie for the day.  Check out PopJustice for all the details!  We decided to succumb to the Robyn blog craziness as well – it took us awhile, but we officially like her…so expect to see more from Robyn on EQ in the future!
  6. www.lovebscott.com just gets saucier and saucier with every read.  He is now flaunting some very VERY naughty pix of Paris Hilton pleasing a certain member of Gnarls Barkley.  Oi vey!  Hollywood blogging is getting so scandalous lately!
  7. We are totally digging new electro boy on the block – The Secret Handshake.  He is going to be featured tomorrow as our MySpace discovery, but you can get your sneak preview here.
  8. So Scooch are representing the UK in Eurovision this year.  Hmmm.  We might have to be dragged to a Eurovision party this year…we normally can’t stand all this madness for Eurovision and Lordi freakin scare us.
  9. And speaking of scary, gender bender Jeffree Star has a new electro single available for download called ‘Eye Curlers and Butcher Knives’ that you can preview on MySpace.  We do happen to love Jeffree’s use of colour and Fruit Loops cereal – we think he has a fetish for having things ooze outta his mouth…you’ll just have to go check it out for yourself…
  10. And finally we leave you with a little video of Darren Hayes on Australian chat show Sunrise talking about his new album and how he don’t like being put in the gay man box.  We applaud you Darren.