Happy Saturday EQ readers.  We’re finding it hard to keep our brain on track today due to general mental exhaustion, but it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t blog today for all of you, so here goes!

  1. Pet Shop Boys are going on tour for the first time in five years.  They have just released dates for some upcoming theatre shows which include London’s Hammersmith Apollo.  Check it out here and we’ll see you at the Apollo!
  2. We had drinks with the lovely Madison last night at chi-chi London hotspot, The Detroit Bar.  What was supposed to be an interview was more like an hour and a half fun conversation about all good things pop with our favourite little brother – who is a lot taller than us!  Stay tuned for the Madison feature coming up soon on EQ!  Next upcoming Popshow featuring Madison and The Electric Dolls is scheduled for 28 March – we loved the first one so much that we have to go again – Get all the info here!
  3. Bjork announces that the new name of her seventh studio album is called ‘Volta’ and it will be released on 7th May.  Collaborations with Timbaland (yawn) and Antony And The Johnsons have been confirmed!  Personally, we are hoping that this CD will bring back the Bjork revival that is really needed in EQ world. 
  4. We got loads of nice emails and MySpace messages about our last post on Antigone.  People, please – if you haven’t checked her out yet, give ‘Funky Dancers’ a listen to here.
  5. Electroqueer survived a VERY close eviction poll in the Big Brother Interactive house last night.  Hannah got the boot.  Leave nice messages of support and love for the EQ over at Big Brother Interactive on MySpace.  Our housemates, Sally-Ann, Pauline, Darren, Markus, Kelly, Kirsty, Laura, Ben, Josh, Danny, Kelly, Nicola and Paula B are ever so sweet.  We lub them.
  6. And speaking of Paula B – little did we know that she performed at Popshow a few years ago as well!  Check out some of her cute pop songs over at her MySpace.
  7. Rueben Butchart celebrated the launch of his fantastic new CD ‘Golden Boy’ last night in New York City – we love this CD and have been playing it daily – Go check it out on Reuben’s MySpace and give him the support he deserves by buying your copy today!
  8. How freakin boring were the NME Awards on Channel 4?  EQ was contemplating getting a subscription to this magazine, but we think we’ll stick with Q magazine instead.
  9. Rumor – Is it all over before it’s begun for Digital?  We hear Jon James has been booted out of the group already.  Our lips are sealed.
  10. And finally – we leave you with the new 80’s style and very pink comeback single from Mel C and her new video for ‘I Want Candy’.  Hats off to Mel C who knows that 80’s electro and retro is all the rage now. She’d be a daft fool not to cash in on it.