I've become more than slightly obsessed with Greek superstar Sakis Rouvas in the past 48 hours thanks to EQ reader Paul on Twitter.

You may remember Sakis Rouvas from Eurovision last year.  For me the yearly cheesy pop extravaganza was pretty much a snoozefest, but when Sakis Rouvas took to the stage and performed his English language entry "This Is Our Night" I kinda was glued to the TV – my eyelids were on fire with his Hugh Jackman-esque good looks and highly energetic performance.  

As of late, Sakis Rouvas has a new movie coming out called Duress in which he plays a bit of a psycho and his latest Greek language track sounds to me well, more hot than hot.

Enjoy the track below along with the video for "This Is Our Night" after the jump.