If you remember, New York, Artist/DJ/Producer – Bombs and Bottles quite shone us provocatively electro pop voyeurs over a year ago by swagging us his electro incandescent “TonightEP, that recounted a youth out on the nightlife, snagging a date and successfully pulling some action.

The EDM producer, BnB returns and steals us some quality newness in release of new single “I Will”.

Stabs of heavy base and drums, regulate the mid-tempo enormously intense atmosphere of techno sonic blasts and intricately laced piano accents with potent effect, raising goosebumps of anticipation and all over tingling of post coital electronic eargasm adrenaline.

Don’t just read this, experience it first hand. 

Download it for FREE and may the rhythmically sassy pulses be doing the awesome saucy business with you.