Le Grind 2

With a summer of possible sorts upon us, I was just waiting for the first silly fun holiday sound of summer 2013 to make its way to the inbox and yeah it’s in! it’s in!

Summer 2012 was all about the pushing air shapes and womping wasn’t it! well this year we’re encouraged to go le grinding, our sun kissed bodies (we hopes!) with the quirky trio of Le Grind

The three-piece push the disco button on a flamboyantly eccentric, funky debut “I Was There” (Where Were You?) which takes us back to the birth of disco at Studio 54.

Oh and it just so happens it’s the kiki to end all kiki’s! It’s all absolutely fabulously mwah, mwah and name dropping dahlings and you just have to be in on the shenanigans of this particular evening, featuring chitter chat regarding Andy Warhol, Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones amongst a cast of many. In them three alone it’s sounds like a colourful night out already doesn’t it! You better believe it you loves and take listen!

It’s also quite possible that you might pick up some way through this that Le Grind are fans of his purple highness Prince. Which in turn is actually indicative as to the forming of the Le Grind, who met in a club in Queens whilst singing along to a Prince record.

Unfortunately I wasn’t there either evening ……….