I know it doesn’t seem like it was almost a year since we witnessed Emin in a jetpack, a bunch of Russian grannies baking bread and singing, and a Swedish Kate Bush-alike triumph with a euphoric club track, but as we’ve now turned the corner from New Year, the Eurovision palooza’s are already getting into full swing with their national heat selections and chances are we’ll possibly be mentioning a few of them if they happen to be good.

Happen we already mentioned one by Ben Ivory vying for the German vote, happen we shall now mention another.

Making a run for Moldova is eastern european pop crooner Vitaly Machunsky who totally seals the Eurovision flavour in with “I Want You Back”, and to be honest it brings on one of those truly glorious moments that on final night I shoop shoop all of the mountain of cheese and unfathomable goofiness for and just drink in the sound that epitomises the competition.

Songwriting credits go to Mathias Kallenberger, Andréas Berlin of Pitchline Sweden and Stephen Leuenberger a friend to us at EQ and whom devout EQ readers may remember as penning some pretty pop amazing tunes of his own back in the day.

[youtube height=”360″ width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W__YekX8Lis[/youtube]