Photo: Renee Alice Photography

Here is a promising, yet somewhat dreamily approached pop debut from a newly formed female duo out of the hills of L.A.

Long time friends Kat Ostenberg and Skylar Stonestreet know what makes good pop, which is in turn evident from this first pressing “I Think I Like You” that comes out of their new musical bonding together.

It really isn’t in anyway difficult to become swept up within the ebb and flowing waves of sonically delivered, fanciful light and feathery plumed addicitiveness of it all, especially when given the added flourish of almost icily Scandinavian in character harmonies that are uppermost instrumental in gliding this infectiously pleasing debut along.

I Think I Like You” boasts all the addictiveness of Little Daylight’s great indie-pop offerings with a vocal main course of Oh Land lovely and woozily piqued vocals atop.

Organically orchestrated and, bohemianally braided in mind tripping intoxicating vocals.

Siren are a two headed duo that make glisteningly impressive monster pop and should they have been granted a Greek mythological creature alternative, we’d place them as being a two headed swan gracefully swimming on a pond rippling of gossamery shimmery synth pop