Vanity Police 1

Not once, not twice but thrice an explosion of culminative DJ talent, house legend Eddie Amador pairs up alongside impresarios of high energy impact, IDeal and J-Break to score a futuristic off-kilter anthem spliced with the Amador signature burning beats and progressively tech house savvy embellishments of IDeal and J-Break.

The 3x DJ force team with the avant-garde dark pop project of Tom Napack, named as the Vanity Police who launches his jagged pop powerful vocals into a spiky asymmetrical streak of subversively splintered goth-wave glamour amongst the industrially driven hypnotic sub-base.

Radically spawned like Depeche Mode at their gnarliest and then tweaked with a generous swell of sinuously distorted, euphoric warpedness. “I Need You” bites and  twists its badass curve-ball of snakiness into the rhythm of a sinfully deviated heartbeat at the point between this world and the next.