Photo: Julie Bennett

Electro pop beat boy Paolo Albertazzi has continually won us over with his glowing pop songs over the years and he is an artist too, who really illuminates the stage in a live performance setting.

After scribing fresh material over the last year, Paolo has been busied up airing out his new tunes through gigging at venues in London. Emerging as a fan favourite from his new repertoire at these up close performances, Paolo brings to our attention “I Hate To Admit It”.

It’s not hard to see why it’s a crowd pleaser either; its breezy chirpiness is so affecting and upbeat, plus its super catchy refrain is an instant point of audience engagement.  “I Hate To Admit It” is one of those ear-worming delightful melodies that’ll just have you sporadically whistling aloud to the point of where you’ll wonder where you picked up that tune probably.

Talking about picking up that tune, ta dah, you can pick a copy of it up at Bandcamp, either for FREE or name your price options if you wish to support this release.