How much are you enjoying the summertime? Us Londoners have finally had two solid days of sunshine and it’s been absolutley amazing! No rain. No humidity (except on The Underground) and no frowns are seen anywhere – it truly has been a fantastic weekend. So to commerate the sunshine, here is a sunny rant post for you all as we pack up the sunscreen and head out into Hyde Park…

  1. We watched gay straight camp comedy ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’ last night again for the up-teenth time on DVD. We are perplexed as there is a beautiful song at the end scene where Graham (Clea Duvall) runs off into lesbian heaven in the back of a 4×4 with Megan (Natasha Lyonne) which we can’t find anywhere on the net…anybody have any ideas…it’s such a romantic song! UPDATE: EQ reader Daniel Danny Dan has told EQ that song in questions is called ‘Glass Vase Cello Case’ by Seattle band Tattle Tale…EQ rushes off to download this song now!  Take a listen – it’s beautiful.
  2. Arjan Writes has photos of Darren Hayes new album – colour us jealous! Darren also reveals via his blog that EQ fave song Me, Myself and (I) is going to be the next single!
  3. Anyone remember ‘Bad Boys’ by Midi Maxi & Efti? If you do – we salute you.
  4. The Zapping has a fun interview with Deborah Gibson. How fun! We had coffee with Paul Zapping at Paul (the coffee shop) a few days ago and it was so fun chatting about all things pop with another blogger! He’s the only pop blogger we’ve ever met.
  5. We are officially obsessed with Sergey Lazarev. Watch out – it’s serious.
  6. Shizz we downloaded this week… ‘Ten Miles’ by Infernal, ‘Stay Up Forever’ by Chungking, ‘Shattered Dreams’ remix EP by (again) Sergey Lazarev, the Gossip album, ‘V.I.P’ album by the ever cute Petros, Jonathan Clay’s new album ‘Back To Good’ and some old Prince stuff.
  7. Speaking of, we were mis-informed that Prince is in fact playing a lot of his old stuff at his 21 shows at the O2 arena in London. We even hear he’s got 150 songs prepared and every night there will be a different set list. Did you hear that noise, it was the sound of EQ buying tickets…ker ching.
  8. Transformers – Amazing.
  9. Did you buy Dragonette’s ‘Take It Like A Man’ this week. If not – shame
  10. And finally, let’s retro rewind and take a look at Army Of Lover’s huge hit ‘Crucified’…oh so camp, how fabulous…And what the heck, here is a little video we found of them performing at G-A-Y a few weeks ago… can you feel the bass?