Hello EQs and Happy Sunday. It’s Raj here. I’m sitting here in my Dolce & Gabanna pajamas that Geri bought me in Sicily and as elegant as that sounds, it really isn’t! I’m drinking Nescafe and playing with my Teen Titans action figures all whilst writing this blog. It’s geeky to the extreme. Don’t tell anyone. So it’s been awhile since I ranted and there have been a few music type things floating around in me head, so let’s get it on…

  • Last night Geri and I went clubbing by ourselves which we haven’t done in awhile. Booty Luv seems to be ruling the clubs now aren’t they. ‘Boogie2Nite’ is a fantastic song to dance too and we are loving the album sampler by these fine ladies – their new album could just be the dance record of the year. This was one group I didn’t think I would like, but they are really turning me out – as well as Samuel! Who doesn’t like a bit o booty then?
  • ‘Hook Me Up’ by The Veronicas. Fucking electro flawlessness. Who knew?!
  • Is it just me that isn’t excited by this Kylie X stuff? It’s kinda ‘eh’. Check back with me later on this.
  • That leaked Madonna song ‘The Beat Goes On’…Oh dear. Oh dear. Dreadful. What is happening?
  • I love all the big hype of the Spice Girls Reunion. The girls get together for one day and record some promo and it’s called a reunion?! Where is the new music? Where is the new video? Maybe when they actually go on tour I might actually take an interest, although I never was a huge fan. Give me Duran Duran anyday in any format over this.
  • Why wasn’t Emily or Jade arrested? For fucks sake. What a bunch of crap.
  • Oooh – Season 4 of Nip/Tuck is out on dvd. Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica is coming in a week or so. Excuse me while I glue myself to the plasma for a few weeks.
  • 4th Child’s ‘Now I Found You’ is now out for digital download. Go download it. I may be wrong, but I thinks that 4th Child will be performing at the next Popshow in October, in which they have taken my advice and moved it to Saturday night! Yay!
  • Dragonette’s album ‘Galore’ is also ready for digital download consumption now. Go download it too – that band rocks my shockbox off.
  • And finally, we leave you with yet ANOTHER video by Sergey Lazarev. I don’t know what it is about this pop tart that I love so much – his music just clicks with me. Here is his super sexy video to ‘Lost Without Your Love’ which gets a little synthy, so of course – I LOVE IT. Until all of you admit that you love Sergey too – we aren’t gonna stop talking about him. Go on, admit it…

Oh what the hell – here’s a little video mashup to his song ‘Shiver’ too which gives me the shh….