Singing about robots is cool. Just ask Robyn and Marina.

I Blame Coco knows this too – that's why she's releasing her new single "Self Machine" in June and we're told it's really her first "proper" single.  Forget about "Caesar" and "Only Love Can Break Your Heart""Self Machine" sees I Blame Coco getting her fembot on and boy do I love it, it's frying my motherboard right now.  With shades of The Human League in the single – the synth pop lovers are gonna love it while the analogue pop lovers will nod their heads in support as they see I Blame Coco stepping out on her own without any "featuring" support.  Really this single is quite good.

You can hear "Self Machine" on I Blame Coco's official website and enjoy some of her other tracks which are rocking my computer speakers right now…

I Blame Coco official website.