Ricky Rebel

Time to check-in on our blue haired Emerging Artist wonder boy Ricky Rebel.

The last time we became fascinated with the striking upcoming rebel persona, Ricky was throwing some ninja shapes into the rebel electro mix with a K-pow kick of oriental flair on “Geisha Dance“.

Well it seems that the manipulator era is over and now the new music that will reach us is to be coloured blue all the way through, what else!

Heading up the scheduled summer release of “The Blue Album”, Ricky jumps onto the high-balling disco vibes as he lends his pop atoned vocals to the dance floor glitzy, edm steered “I Adore You”, I believe fostering in a guest spot of rap over lay by the LA all-rounder actor / musician and comedy store frequenter Jayk Gallagher. I don’t now how this guest spot came into play but it, definitely adds in a streak of hot colour into the blue hued club floor filler standard.

New music from Ricky is a good thing and we’re sure he’s more likely than not got some spiciness aplenty lined up and awaiting our listening pleasure on “The Blue Album

For now “I Adore You” is the one that is hitting us between the ears first off.