It only seems fair in a ‘he can’t have all the toys’ kind of way, that if I am supposedly helping keep this blog from curling over into a ball of nothingness, that I should be aloud to have a nice rant on EQ. This in a way then, is what this is.

1. Last night I watched CSI (the programme name-checked by Kate Nash). I didn’t watch it because of the endorsement by she-who-is-always-going-to-be-called-a-mini-Lily-Allen. No. Instead, well, because it is a bloody great crime show. But that isn’t what this is about because during the show, there was an advert for some kind of hair product for women – who cares though what it is, because isn’t life too short for vanity – that had a backing track to it. A backing track by Ricki-Lee, previously from Australian Idol. A fucking amazing backing track that you can hear on her Myspace. It is called ‘Can’t Sing A Different Song’ – and I personally am addicted to the song.

2. Over at XOLondon, a very good blog, there is a rather good review of the new Darren Hayes album, something I haven’t listened to, and even if I had, I wouldn’t want to even try and express my opinions on it after this, and knowing the review that I expect Raj will have for you in the not-so-distant future. One thing I do like about Hayes’ new campaign – is the fact that his single for ‘On The Verge Of Something Wonderful’ has been released in a proper sized, rounded-edged, CD case. Not one of those crappy singles cases. Hallelujah!

3. If you haven’t read it yet, Adem has a lovely post about his time at an Arctic Monkeys gig. Right here, I should also point out – that while writing The Hotstuff Files, I completely berated them at every corner possible, because, after listening to their music – I just never really "liked" them, except, of course for ‘Brianstorm’, which is actually quiet good. And now – on record – I shall state this: I will buy their album. All right, I will buy it. The media pressure has got to me. I will buy it, and perhaps, Arctic Monkeys Attempt Two might be more successful than Attempt One. (I should also say a big well done to Adem on getting a column in an music rag. The new Peter Robinson? I think so.)

4. Now from the Monkeys, to Lily Allen, and there are some rather lovely pictures congo-ing across the web of her filming a new video, in a lovely Irish-green dress. What video is it for? No-one knows. Is it for her or part of a duet with ‘one of those’ rappers whom are now part of the pop music scene? We’ll find out soon enough. Although, really, soon enough isn’t soon enough.

5. A few days ago a proper promo CD version of ‘Glorious’ by Natalie Imbruglia found itself to be perched upon my desk, and from there on, I have to admit to being slightly addicted to it. The video may be shit, but that doesn’t mean Natalie’s pissing on everyone with her music. Although, after the amount of times I’ve listened to the song over the past week, if she had been pissing on everyone, well, then I would have a new green-yellow shirt. Could this be the new way to die t-shirts? I think so.

6. Another thing that it seems right to speak about is the fact that Kate Nash, while at the same time as being number one in the download charts, went straight in at number one with her uber-amazing album Made Of Bricks. This is the perfect picture of the British charts, what with Kate at number one in the album charts, and Robyn at number one in the singles charts. It shows that pop music hasn’t, as of yet, been completely eradicated from the charts. And, just like the book I finished reading yesterday, after starting it the day before – One Red Paperclip, the story of a man who ‘traded up’ from a red paperclip to a house – it shows how the most unexpected things can become reality. Except Big Brother of course, which is just the word boredom personified.

7. One more thing that will be reality is us, the record-buying public, is knowing what the new Sugababes single sounds like because tomorrow, on the Jo Whiley show, we shall find out. I’ve almost got goose-pimples on my feet, although, this could possibly be due to the lack of anything on my feet and an open window…

8. Sadly, it seems as if the Dragonette album has been postponed to October sometime, after being previously put down for a release last week. This is probably old news, in the sense, that it was important last week – but it is just really quite sad, and one who is as cynical as me, might start to wonder if this is just the first step towards a no-release. If it happened to Alexis Strum and Alesha, it can happen to Dragonette. Hopefully it doesn’t, yes? Yes.

9. Yesterday, did you see that ‘Mr Nasty’ himself, Simon Cowell, if you believe the People decided to axe Connie Talbot‘s record deal. Connie, being a six-year-old who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. And I couldn’t agree more. In today’s world, it seems that children can’t be sent down into the mines or used to clean chimneys, but they can be used to sell records? Well, that is what her parents believe – but they are deluded. She is only six. Sure she is sad now – but how happy will she be when it comes to the stress and strain of a career in the record industry. She is six. She should be playing with friends, and then, later on in life she will get that contract if she really wants it. In other news, on the X Factor – one of the best shows in TV history – you can see the new 14+ age group if you tune in this Saturday.

10. Lastly, have you seen this?  What a pretentious shit eater. – WHOOPS!

There you go. That was my rant, which, ended up a little bit longer than I expected. Oh well.