Foxes 2

I know I haven’t shared anything of Foxes on EQ prior to this feature, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been acutely aware of Louisa Rose Allen in anyway either.

Coming to prominence as the vocalist on Zedd’s “Clarity”, and on the back of the recent acclaimed release of “Youth”, Foxes is now heading into full pop star mode as she readies her debut album “Glorious” and subsequent lead single “Let Go For Tonight”.

I am most struck by the polish that Foxes alt-pop leaning disposition has been given since a further glimpse of the forthcoming “Glorious” album has been generated through the unveiling of the track “Holding Onto Heaven”.

Where Foxes could have once been seen as merely permeating Marina territory, clearly the step aside in collaboration with Zedd seems to have prompted a shift into producing a more chart attractive pop vision, one which I am now keenest to see develop further, with the initial affirmation radiating via the new disclosure of the sleek upbeat dance anthem “Holding Onto Heaven”.