Freddie Franklin 2

It wasn’t so long ago that we were bouncing our booties off to the throbbing electro buzz track “Robotic” from burgeoning new music talent Freddie Franklin.

Whilst Freddie might be creatively immersed in a triple threat hold of singing, songwriting and producing, it’s the voice and vocal ability that resonates with an instantaneously pop perfect connection.

Honouring the promise of new music on the back of the dance pop potent “RoboticFreddie returns disclosing a pure pop mind-set via newly unveiled song “Higher”.

Embracing upon a theme of empowerment and augmented with expanses of sweeping piano phasing at its compositional heart, “Higher” progresses into the dynamic of dance beats of a late 80’s sensibility, to which Freddie commands with a vocal of real tenacity and earnest resolve, further cementing upon the calibre of his glowing pop ready talent.

Get in tune with budding pop proposition Freddie Franklin now, with a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Higher”.