Ok, it’s no big secret that Electroqueer is addicted to the electro music stylings of Darren Hayes. Infact, we have even named Darren ‘Electroqueer Of The Year’ in which we are currently composing a massive post in his honour which will be unveiled in a few days.

When we aren’t listening to Darren’s great music from ‘Tension and the Spark’ or ‘Spin’ we are usually trying to convert our friends into Darren Hayes fans in which we recently have done again to Pedro from www.dontvoteforpedro.com.

Pedro is a wonderful friend of ours and we are so happy to know him personally. He has a great video blog as well and is guest blogging for us today on Electroqueer about Darren Hayes. So enjoy this video post from Pedro and please check out his blog as it offers a colourful and honest insight into his life in New York City. Pedro is also a huge Stevie Nicks fan, so if you need to know anything about Stevie, Pedro is your man.

Thanks Pedro – we love ya.