Kelis – "Acapella"
I am really into clean and minimal production at the moment. If you use the right sounds you don't need to ram the track. This David Guetta produced number places Kelis amid a mesmerizing techno landscape; a new terrain for Kelis, but one that she sounds extremely happy in. As much as I miss the "I hate you so much right now" Kelis of yesteryear that you wouldn't want to fuck with, this new direction is indeed a very pleasant surprise. This Kelis sounds like someone that I could enjoy a nice cup of tea with without fear of being smacked in the face. From the gargantuan tearing detuned synth to the silky vocals that hark back to Donna Summer this track is effortlessly the winter antidote for S.A.D. (Adam.K)

Florence and The Machine – "Rabbit Heart"
Now this is a TUUUUNE! I remember first hearing this and thinking this was the modern day Annie Lennox, as I think that is the only person you can compare Florence's voice to. It’s amazing, and in my opinion the biggest tune of 2009, it seems like everyone is into it, and her, and rightly so…Lungs, incredible album. I love how this is more of an organic sounding track, and I love that harp! The song is really well structured and composed, how it drops down from the verses before kicking back into the chorus, and that floaty, dream like middle 8…just beautiful.  Adam and I were fortunate, and cheeky enough, to break into a secret show of hers and catch the whole set from the side stage, literally feet away from Florence It was epic! Incredible voice and wicked band.  We love it so much we have even done our own little version of this track, which have just unleashed. Download the Mp3 for free NOW! (Olly Dexter)

Deadmau5 – "Strobe"
“So what is this?” I thought to myself upon initially hearing "Strobe". The track opens with a 3-minute dreamscape of the piano and bowed ensemble variety; so vulnerable and heartfelt that it would tug on the most stone-like of heartstrings.  Granted, after the initial emotional offering comes the inevitable '4 on the floor' kick drum, snatching me from the brink of (metaphorically) floating away. But fear not!  After a short build, I am revisited by the lush melody of the intro, only this time, rather than floating in on distant pianos, it tears through the speakers, riding on saw waves.  Epic.  My main love of this track (besides the great production, beautiful melody and twisting builds) is seeing; or rather hearing; a genuinely emotional and ego-stripped track being unleashed by one of the top producer/DJs in a genre normally stereotyped as being generic and soulless. I literally LOVE this track. (Kyle Mackenzie)

The Temper Trap – "Sweet Disposition"
One feels that this track is the best we are going to hear from The Temper Trap.  I just get a vibe, probably an unjustified one.  I’m not being rude; it’s just how I feel.  Which is a shame because this track really does put me in a good place.  It takes me to a place where I meet "the girl".  We take a bunch of 'shrooms and dance around a field together happy as Larry, hand in hand.  I really have found bliss.  Then the song ends, and to my hearts discontent, it's just my cat Muffy that I am holding. She looks at me as if to say “Put me down you freak and give me some Whiskas.  I’m sick of this Tesco crap you keep bringing home.” (Adam.K)

Ellie Goulding – "Under The Sheets"
The first time I heard this track I actually heard the subtly Dubby ‘She Is Danger’ remix, which I advise you listen to; those girls are also ones to watch for 2010!  I'm still a big fan of the original.  There is a nice balance of live instrumentation that fuses nicely with the synths and vocal effects.  Ellie's vocals alone are unique, fluttery and almost vulnerable.  I like the simplicity of this song and how it gently drives itself along but not at an unbearable speed.  As for Ellie herself, you wouldn’t say no!  I look forward to hearing more from her. (Olly Dexter)

The Golden Filter – "Thunderbird"
I literally only heard this track a week or so ago – I saw the video, which made me a bit dizzy, because of all the constantly spinning birds.  I was left confused but very much in love with the track!  The Thunderbird they are referring to is “a bird of Native American mythology that symbolizes purification and healing”.  I couldn’t care less if they were talking about Brains and Lady Penelope.  The track is catchy as hell held together by a funky as fook bass line and ethereal vocals. The mystical chanting and the climactic drums are the icing on this extremely morish cake. It’s light, dreamy disco at its best.  And it’s called Thunderbird.  Need I say more? (Adam.K)

Black Eyed Peas – "Boom Boom Pow"
I think this has to be one of THE pop tracks of 09 and signifies a rebirth of the band both in terms of sound and image… The slick 808 groove and highly effected vocals conjure up clichés such as 'fresh' and 'now' without actually being cliché!  Simply, this is a great track with a real emphasis on the dance floor…and the kick drum has to be the biggest of the year!  We liked this song so much we did a Mash up with our debut single "Sista!"Get it for free here. (Kyle Mackenzie)

Vitalic – "Flashmob"
From the second this track hits in it screams 'Vitalic'.  For those unfamiliar with the legendary French electro producer, he blends layer upon layer of synthesized analog elements and creates a wall of sound so defined and original that the listener cannot help but be drawn in.  The detuned vocoder, bending synth line and smashing drums are fused with meticulous attention to detail and a truckload of passion.  The moment the kick drum begins pounding I have to stifle urges to jump out of my chair, punch my fist in the air and dance like a shell suit wearing, whistle blowing, warehouse dwelling caricature of the early 90's … Its that good!  (Kyle Mackenzie)

Animal Collective – "My Girls"
Hypnotic and textured. Love the vocal Harmonies. Get the fuck into it!  (Andrew Ignatius)

Moby – "Mistake"
Moby is back on form with his latest album "Wait For Me".  It truly is a beautiful album.  On first listen I genuinely thought that David Bowie, who I am a huge fan of, was featuring on the track "Mistake". Adam had also made the same, um, well, mistake. It is of course Moby singing.  From the fragility of the lyrics and vocals, to the William Orbit-esque guitars, this track really is full of emotion, and not only confirms Moby’s strengths as a producer, but establishes him as a rather convincing vocalist. (Kyle Langley)


The Dirty Disco are a new electronic band from London and will be launching their debut single "Sista!" in 2010.  Make sure to check them out on Myspace – you'll even enjoy their covers/mashups of "Rabbit Heart" and "Boom Boom Pow".