We just love love love Mr. Fogg over here at EQ.  Not only does this brilliant musician make some excellent electronica, but he also has really great taste in music too and has given EQ readers a little playlist for you to all seek out this week if you're looking for some music to inspire you.  And whilst you are doing that – make sure to pick up Mr. Fogg's new album "Moving Parts" that we've been bangin on about – it's truly a treat for the senses – I've been enjoying it for a few weeks now.

Download the album "Moving Parts" by Mr. Fogg on Mr Fogg - Moving Parts

Mr. Fogg's EQ Playlist

Mogwai – "Christmas Steps" (E.P version)
This is the song that introduced me to Mogwai. I first heard it as part of a live session the band were doing for Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1 and went into a record shop straight after school the next day to buy their album. There was some technical error that meant that one of the songs from the session was interrupted by a dance tune. To start with, I remember thinking this band were even more experimental than I had first thought, and then Mary Anne came on and said they'd temporarily lost the feed from Maida Vale.

Bjork – "Wanderlust"
I obviously can't pretend Bjork is an uber-obscure new artist that nobody has heard of. But despite the lack of underground cool points this song earns its place in this playlist by virtue of having one of the best basslines of all time. Only two notes, but they're two totally brilliant notes. The ratatat remix is also worth checking out. It keeps the vocal nearly intact, but flips it on its head and puts it in a totally new context.

Psychid – "Room 512"
I first saw this band when I was 16 and have been following them ever since. Not that they have made it an easy task: they changed their name from The Full Monty to Hester Thrale to Moth-ra to Psychid to The Broken Ear and now two of them are making music as Hook And The Twin. In each incarnation they have made at least one brilliant song, but rarely hung around long enough to make anything of it. Room 512 was originally a b-side during a doomed stint on a major label, but was later re-recorded and released as a single.

Radiohead – "Everything In Its Right Place" (Various Remixes)
The original version is perfect as it is and one of my favourite songs of all time, but I have always thought that it was also just a kick drum away from being the perfect club track. In the summer after Kid A came out I was in Space in Ibiza (a long time after it was cool to be there, I'm sure) and Sasha was DJ-ing. Suddenly in the middle of a series of fairly anonymous dance tunes he dropped the opening keyboard riff from EIIRP which led into the club version I had been hearing in my head all along. The room erupted. I don't even know who that particular remix was by but it's almost irrelevant because only the most hamfisted producer or remixer could fail to make a remix of this song work – just add drums.

Flying Lotus – "Galaxy in Janaki"
I can't get away without choosing something new, so this is a track from the new Flying Lotus album Cosmogramma. It's 75% of the way to being slightly questionable lounge music, but has amazing beats that I think sound like some kind of monster chewing and spitting out what's going on around it. It has a really alive, un-quantized kind of feel to it.