by Killian Wells

Last week I was out with some friends at a random bar here in New York called Bourbon St. Take a look at their site and click on ‘see what’s going on’ – can my American friends please confirm for me that this is the same exact music used in the “Girls Gone Wild” commercials?  Yes, I know it’s amazing but no I’m not reviewing the GGW theme.  I tend to get off topic in conversation so why should my guest blog for EQ be any different?  It’s like writers A.D.D.  Moving on…

All of the hits bumping on the bar stereo were familiar fare then at some point between Lady Gaga putting on her poker face and Beyonce bitching about a ring came an undeniably catchy pop song I hadn’t heard before. With a beer in one hand and iPhone in the other I quickly fired up the Midomi app (if you don’t have it, get it) and found out my new favorite song is “Replay” by Iyaz.

I wasn’t surprised to discover the track was produced by J.R. Rotem since “Replay” is very reminiscent of Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” and “Take You There” but if you’re thinking it sounds more like “Whatcha Say” that’d be because Jason Derulo co-wrote it.  As a songwriter I’ll often hear a genius pop lyric and kick myself for not coming up with it myself, in “Replay” that would be the hook “Shorty’s like a melody… it’s like my iPod’s stuck on replay.”  It’s a fun, clever, and catchy analogy.

Iyaz was discovered by Sean Kingston which is somewhat ironic considering they sound almost identical. I’d say it’s a smart business move though to sign your replacement to a record deal instead of completing with them. Kingston’s sophomore effort “Tomorrow” bombed after the ember went out on the albums first single “Fire Burning”, I hope Iyaz’s debut doesn’t follow suit.

I’m not convinced Iyaz has enough edge and staying power to be more than a one hit wonder but the title of his debut single is certainly fitting as I’ve had it on “Replay” since I downloaded it on iTunes. Download it at your own risk, I’m confident you’ll find your repeat button on lock.

Killian Killian Wells is a New York City musician and songwriter who has been hitting the showcase scene performing his latest track “V.I.P.”  He also owns his own production company and is currently developing a reality TV series.

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