By Javi Lopez

Hello, Bonjour, hola electro pop lovers! Have you all been looking for new music to listen to? You can stop looking now, Passion Pit has released their long-awaited sophomore album Gossamer and let me tell you – it is beautiful.

For those who are wondering: Passion Pit are an American band from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Gossamer is the type of album that will make you sing along wether you want or not. The album takes you deep into the lyrics, synth and perfect (oh-oh-oh) background vocals (as in Take a Walk). 

Michael Angelakos, the mind behing Passion Pit, has spent the past three years struggling and fighting a battle against bipolar dissorder. A problem that has sent him to the hospital and left many scars in his life. His beloved wife, whom has 'saved his life' many times, the problems and emotions that he has overcome are all present in Gossamer. One of the tracks that caught my attention the most was Cry Like a Ghost - it's haunting and brings memories back. It will set you up on a cave of weird and happy emotions. Yes, you are in for a treat.

Take a listen to 'Take a Walk' below and grab a copy. 

Gossamer - Passion Pit