Google Chrome has unvieled their latest spokeswoman – Lady Gaga

The advert stars the "Born This Way" icon alongside her Little Monsters in a new spot for Google Chrome, celebrating the special and unmediated relationship she maintains with her fans.  The piece came together in 10 days and first aired during her performance on Satuday Night Live.

I love that Gaga is pioneering the shift to "The New Music Industry" through her partnerships with the likes of massive brands including Google and Polaroid.  In my opinion, it's these recognizable brands that will help sustain, reshape and form the new way we consume music, movies and books. 

I've been revisiting a very powerful manifesto lately that was created by Gaymonkey Records about "The New Music Industry" and I think you all should read it.  Everything I do as part of EQ has been soley created in support of this manifesto and it's nice to see that Lady Gaga is doing the same.