Tensnake 1

The ascent of Germany’s DJ/Producer Tensnake takes on a new phase with the release of debut album “Glow”, already anchored with the release of two single’s “See Right Through” and “Love Sublime”. The album is enhanced with a further 14 tracks, making 16 in all, consisting of deep house slaughtering beats, with a hat tip of funkiness thrown in for good measure.

Which you may pick your way through in the briefest of 2 ½ minutes via the visualised sampler below.

In acknowledgement of this much anticipated long playing release Tensnake shares “Good Enough To Keep” another of his collaborations with Nile Rodgers and Fiora, the same pair he hooked up with on current single “Love Sublime”.

The indelible mark of Nile Rodgers signature guitar craft juts out of the pounding deep bassline as Fiora turns upon the vocal arrangement with an A 1 strength of performance evolved out of an electro-soul resonance.

As a further insight into the album “Good Enough To Keep” holds true to the deep house ethos which wends it’s way cohesively all the way through “Glow”. To be honest would we have expected Tensnake to further illuminate upon “Glow” by deviating away from capitalising on the coup of collaborating with the legendary Nile Rodgers? The answer of course is, no contest!