“The World is Ours” was the first time I witnessed the production skills of LA producer, Tokimonsta. I later fell in love with her 2011 EP “Creature Dreams” because of the mid-tempo masterpiece “Little Pleasures” featuring singer Gavin Turek. Last week Tokimonsta returned with her smooth beats in the song, “Go With It.” It is complemented by vocals from MNDR, who you may remember from the Mark Ronson song “Bang Bang Bang.” The new single takes on a pop sound which is not usually the case for the hip-hop electronic producer.  It follows “The Force,” a confident rap track that sounds like a cross between Flying Lotus and Diplo. It features rapper Kool Keith and illustrates Tokimonsta’s bass bumping drum clap side.

2013 will be a big year for the Ultra Records producer as she prepares for her new album, “Half Shadows.” The album will arrive this spring just in time for the 2013 festival season. Her debut album, “Midnight Menu” released back in 2010 featured layers of sounds that helped her land a spot on SS Coachella, Electric Forest and earn the #1 Female DJ title in Los Angeles. Tokimonsta is often compared to Flying Lotus because of her experimental street sound. They are both multi-genre experimental producers whose musical upbringing has provided them the platform to effortlessly combine various music influences into a fresh new sound. It is no surprise that the producer added her to his team of producers, making her the first female on his label BRAINFEEDER. Part of the joy in following artists like Tokimonsta is that you never know what you’re going to get, so you never get bored and nothing sounds the same.