Little Daylight 2

Photo: Matthew D’Urban-Jackson

It is fast becoming clear that the Brooklyn trio of Little Daylight are quite “the” something at putting together the prettiest twinkly synth pop diddies of their own, as well as their skills on remixing that paved the way for showcasing their craft.

All’s been on a uphill climb since they fell onto my radar earlier this year with their huge pop fuelled gem “Overdose”, they’ve been on tour with Marina and Charli XCX and are soon to be accompanying Bastille on a couple of dates too.

As interest rightly gathers around Little Daylight, the three-piece prime their highly anticipated debut EP “Tunnel Vision” with a new glittering synth masterpiece aptly titled “Glitter And Gold”.

Enjoy with me, as the buzzing bassline makes way for delicately sweeping chiming accents and buoyantly endearing soaring vocals.

Summed up in two words …… Irresistibly impressive.