Thomas Azier

Berlin based electronic pop artist Thomas Azier compliments previous 2 releases from his Hylas triology by serving a concluding insight on the series through release of a supremely stunning track “Ghostcity”.

Leaning in towards an indietronica outlook, “Ghostcity” suitably levels amongst the driving power throb of Manchesters’ synthesizer gothic blackhearts The Whip and jointly derived also of the sharp pop noir melancholy delivered by Hurts.

Imposing and neo-gothic in stature “Ghostcity” demands a befitting installation of arty magnitude in representation. Believe it or not what is shared below is not actually the official video, it’s the projection treatment produced by artist Daniel Franke used within Thomas’s performance live sets, but nonetheless it looks amazing.

Does Thomas Azier really need to serve us up a video too?, I’m actually quite happy with viewing this concept as it stands to be honest, I can only hope that what might be planned as the official clip will be nothing short of spectacular in replacement.