We’ve been spending a fair amount of time getting caught up on all things Sia recently after seeing her amazing live performance at Kings College a few weeks ago.  Her new album ‘Some People Have Real Problems’ will be dropping in the US on 8th January and in the UK on 14th January and we couldn’t be any more pleased.  We’ve been listening to the album for a few weeks now and it’s a true delight which combines Sia’s rich vocals with some bouncy and mellow instrumentation – a true reflection of her incredible talent and magnetic personality.  Our personal favourite on the album is ‘Little Black Sandals’ which you can hear over on her MySpace now.

To aid in getting EQ readers up-to-par on Sia and her brilliant music, here’s a little vid-e-o vault YouTubage on her, just for you, including some of work with the legendary chillout maestros, Zero 7.  And if you are really really interested, here is a curious dance mix to ‘The Girl You Lost To Cocaine’ which I heard played at a gay club in West London a few weeks ago.

Sia is also embarking on a massive US Tour and returns to London’s Koko very soon – we beg you – go and see her live if possible, it’s an unforgettable night.

Day Too Soon – New Single!
Don’t Bring Me Down
Breathe Me – Stunning!
Destiny – with Zero 7
Somersault – with Zero 7