Lovestarrs 2

Sarah, Hamish and George are the Lovestarrs, but do they seem familiar to you? As actually the astute amongst you will be absolutely frothing at the bit since, even beneath the glam restyle of wild hair twinned by new ageish goth wave fashion cannot covert a disguise of one of EQ’s most championed acts, whose career we have been charting practically right from the get go, as The Good Natured.

Last year we were expecting delivery of a debut album “Prism”, infact we were smitten about it, sadly though things unravelled with the powers that be of their record label, when they were dropped, the album was shelved and subsequently retained by the label.

As keen as we are as fans, as well as being music bloggers, we have delighted in the social media updates over recent months that have since glimpsed at a new beginning, first coming about with the new name reveal at New Years and subsequently via a series of outlandish polaroids and press shots.

We can safely confirm that the volume of anticipation we have been entertaining in regard to this debut ourselves has been somewhat of electric proportions.

Let’s put to bed all the anguish of last year as its time now to “Get Your Sexy On” with the Lovestarrs.

We say the Lovestarrs scored a hot one with this, as before you know it you’ll chances be in the full throes of its psychedelically hooky, indie pop nature, cooing out heeeeh’s like a festival goer and uberly enjoying it’s seductively hypnotic patter of drum machines punching above the weight of the raunchily performing bass line.

Can’t deny that if this is the sound of sexiness, it’s completely selling itself to us like a femme fatale ensnares a lover, all flirtatious, tempestuous and beguiling.