If you were a regular on the New York City underground gay scene in the 80s, then “Friends With Benefits” by Naked Highway would most certainly be one of those songs you’d hear out on the chase.

With pounding synths, a catchy chorus and an overall dirtiness that only Naked Highway can bring to a new retro-inspired pop track, “Friends With Benefits” is one of those songs that will evoke memories of the pursuit of “right now” with a quick stop at the opening of an art gallery in the Meatpacking district or refuelling after dark at a 24-hour kitsch diner, recounting the night’s conquests in Hell’s Kitchen.

Strap on your headphones, your 1980s me is about to get memorexed.

Naked Highway also appear on “This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume Two” with their emotional yet sombre track “Cause This” which is out now worldwide.