As the season of Eurovision continues to sneak up upon us, and my apathy at the UK end of the competition (Sorry Bonnie, you’re pipes still rule, it’s just not my particular cup of tea) I’m out for seeking out a dose of pure euro flavour to make-up for the shortfall.

Happens this unashamedly euro-drenched pop morsel from Nicholetta called “Friend” found it’s way into my inbox. Whilst I’m not claiming it to be hugely ground-breaking it is pleasantly giving and flag waving of the emotionally charged anthem proportions, that I’ve found myself growing quite fond of this pop ditty to be honest.

As a product of the competitively prosperous Swedish talent shows Schlager Stjärnan and Swedish Idol (2009) Nicholetta finds her feet and unleashes her commanding vocal prowess with an empowering message of solidarity and friendly support.

Effectively “Friend” is a hug in song form, of the type that you could reach out with if you couldn’t be present to physically offer the warmth of your belief, encouragement, strength and compassion through your embracing arms, or you’d get just too choked up to find the words, Nicholetta’s lyrics and impassioned delivery does it for us and it’s sweetly euro lovely too  – bonus!