We are way crazy for this electro pop madness!  Infact, we are deliriously happy to hear of new things Nomi.

You can slick yourself up in silver glitter paint Nomi Madness?, there’s no mistaking to these ears that we’ve a duel persona on our hands!  When all said and done Nomi Madness?  is where we first sat up and listened to the vocal pop, honey dripped Prince crushed purple funky vibes of  one Warren Nomi when he delivered us his debut “Fairy Tales EP” and ear grabbing candy piece “Red Wine Girl”.

Well the flamboyant side returns as the flip side of Warren NomiNomi Madness? rides again and is set to bring us a follow up “Fairy Tales 2 EP” pretty soon. Leading as a tease from it, Nomi Madness?  plants on us “French Kisses”.

With a first taste of euro dance and after taste of club banger, “French Kisses” bursts into a smackeroonie sugar rush of disco sizzle that fizzes and electro pops with showman glitter and Valentines lurve.

Beauts, beaus and lonely hearts feel the Nomi Madness? Valentines lurve, sweep up the FREE download for absolutely sweet nothings via cupids arrow pointing down from the Soundcloud and plant some “French Kisses” on your playlist.  It will for sure instantly mwah you back.