Whenever I hear those synthesized bells from Debbie Deb’s massive freestyle classic “When I Hear Music” I instantly feel like a bad-ass diva who is packing some heat. Look out girlfriend!

It’s funny, when I talk about Latin freestyle music, most people shake their heads and go, “No, I never heard of it”. But when I play them Debbie Deb they immediately go “Oh hell yes, that used to be my jam!”.

And let’s face it, this shit still sounds fresh. “When I Hear Music” is one of those tracks that is just dying to be re-sampled in modern pop music. The track is still doing alright for Debbie Deb too after all these years, check her out signing to a sold-out Los Angeles amiptheatre full of freestyle loving manics and listen to their reaction when she first starts to sing.

Katy Perry she is not, but girlfriend had one hell of a hot jam back in 1984…

If you are going to start out dipping your foot into world freestyle music, I’d highly suggest downloading Debbie Deb. “When I Hear Music” is a no-question mp3 for your collection, but if you want to go deeper, check out “Lookout Weekend” too and get into the freestyle friday groove every week on EQ Music.