Raff has built a reputation as a gifted songwriter and great performer.  In between projects, he enjoys indulging in a bit of creative manipulation of other people’s songs. Name it, an all acapella version of Beyonce's "End Of Time" or a slow-rock interpretation of Rihanna's "S&M"

Raff is never shy of taking a well-known song and making it his own! And his version of the classic Guetta/Rowland stomper "When Loves Takes Over" is his best yet.  He put the soul back into the melody and the sentiment in the lyrics, transforms the dance hit into a contemplative affair.  This is a stunning version of a song that many people already love, but we are sure more people will after listening to Raff’s take on it. 

Go to Raff's Facebook page and grab a free copy of this before it's get snatched by British Airways or something.
Click HERE to listen to "When Loves Takes Over"

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