Static Brigade Press Pic 1

This song called “Squad” by Static Brigade has been on repeat on my iPod for a few days now.

Static Brigade are a new electro-pop band hailing from DC and have a huge flair for the synthesized sound.  Their single “Squad” is just gorgeous and sparkly and reminds me a bit of a more pop-sounding Metronomy.  Kinda quirky and a whole lotta electronic.

I was very curious about “Squad” and what it meant so Brian from the group sent us this little nugget:

“Squad very much represents where were headed musically.  We’ve
worked to matured our sound since our debut ep and are excited about
the direction we’re headed.  Aside from the NYC and Miami scene,
electronic dance music is slow to take off on the east coast. There are
small pockets here and there but for the most part, DC and Baltimore or
dominated by the indie/punk scene. Needless to say we’ve faced a few
challenges getting Static Brigade off the ground. That’s what Squad
represents.  Lyrically its about having conviction to say what you
think even if it goes
against the grain, the common voices around you.”

All I can say is that it’s an excellent track!

More Static Brigade on MySpace and you can listen to and download “Squad” below.