By Mandy Rogers

The sassy and stylish SIRPAUL and Alex Lauterstein, Simulover project is bearing new fruit.

EQ fave SIRPAUL takes the lead on a remake of a classic hit of the 90’s by Love and RocketsSo Alive”. Although, having lived it and spent a crazy amount of time wired into the sounds of the 80’s / 90’s, I’m not going to pretend, I hold my hands up to the fact that I am not versed or familiar to the original at all and never heard of Love and Rockets prior to this although, I was aware of Love and Rockets previous incarnation as Bauhaus, so took to Youtube to seek out the original.

The original of the time, took its core from a post punk darkness amidst a stinging slap of pioneering new wave freshness, the Simulover re-make, lavishes a burst of vibrant dance energy from Alex Lauterstein, whilst SIRPAUL steps up to deliver a consummately provocative vocal in the way that only SIRPAUL can, flanked by some further sassy ambience provided in backing from his talented Sister Cherylyn.

Before you pick up this goodie for FREE, don’t forget that lots more scintillating Simulover music can be found on:

Simulover - Simulover

also is featured on EQ’s own “This Beat Is Poptronik Volume 1

This Beat Is POPTRONIK - Volume One - Various Artists & Various Artists

and of course SIRPAUL will be appearing at the Poptronik Festival in September.