He looks quite devlish doesn't he?

Simon Curtis is rapidly becoming a tour de force in independent pop music.  Having had enough of getting knocked down by record companies and publishing firms in search for a deal in pop music, Simon decided to take control of his own music and release it virally through the web…and the results so far are quite impressive.

After releasing his first viral single last month called "Delusional", Simon today releases his next track, the cheeky fire-starter called "Diablo".  Chock full of attitude, some devilish profanity and even a nod to Miss Britney Spears, "Diablo" is one of those tracks that will get you talking…take for instance some of the lyrics…

You're the devil | You're a filthy piece of trash | Gotta brush you off my shoulder

Gonna let you kiss my ass | You're a diablo | You're so damn evil | Your shit is evil

Make sure you are following Simon Curtis on Twitter – the more followers he gets, the more FREE music he will release and his highly anticipated new album "8Bit Heart" will then be complete.  Listen to and "Diablo" below and download it for FREE if you like what you hear.