Sister Sortie - credit Anders von Greffelstein

RebekkaMaria has just announced details for her new album following "Queen Of France" and it's called "Sister Sortie" and will be released on March 1st.  To celebrate the announcement, RebekkaMaria has sent over an electrified version of "Oh Solitude" for you to download for free below – it's proper amazing.

The new album is said to explore the complexities of women and will delve into musical styles that she hadn't yet explored from her debut album. 

When asked about some of the inspiration behind "Sister Sortie", RebekkaMaria had this to say:

"I am a complex woman. On the one hand, I am an entertainer who always knows danger on tour. On the other hand, I am very homely. I love having food ready when my husband comes home. I love building nests. I need the shuttle between the assertive creative and confident domestic."

The tracklist for the new album is after the jump!

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Download the original version of "Oh Solitude" on RebekkaMaria - Oh Solitude - Single

1. Mother Woman
2. Gooseberry Boy
3. Oh Solitude
4. Sing!
5. Corollaceous
6. Winter Winterkill
7. When We Fall
8. Laura
9. Crochet Work
10. Píca Píca