Hey party revellers! it wasn’t so long ago that appealing pop maker Thomas Fiss won our attention with his uplifting mega pop ditty ‘Chasing Satellites’.

Resplendent in all its jovial pop splendour, Thomas led us off party stomping into the wee small hours with his shiny, shiny, fist-punching power anthem.

A tune so attention grabbingly good just cannot be reined in at its foot stomping roots! Since the party season now speeds into full swing, Thomas is bestowing a gift of his complete 6 track ‘Chasing Satellites EP’ for FREE via Facebook, till the end of the year.

Aside from title track ‘Chasing Satellites’, the pop party cavalcade continues to light up with up-tempo hook laden tunes in ‘All We Are’, ‘Let Go’ and ‘We’re Going Down’ and like many a High School End-Of-Term disco brings the obligatory ‘excuse me moment’ slow dancers, in love torn ballads ‘Breathe’ and ‘X’s and O’s’.

Serving as a reminder of the cheery party stomper ‘Chasing Satellites’ here’s Thomas in a cornfield flanked by a small army of arm waving, hip swaying corn dollies, who like to party up until the sun goes down.