Wolfette is, as you know, brilliant. 

Our favourite thing about Wolfette is that she keeps the EQ inbox healthily stocked with amazing tunes like this and this. She even makes amazing videos.

Anyway, here's the latest Wolfette news: she's got a brand new song called "New Wolf Coat" and it's available to download for absolutely nothing on her Facebook page. Grab it for yourself here.

In case you're wondering, the song continues the tone set by previous singles "Waiting for the Explosion" and "Different Story", but packs a heavier punch and features Dominique getting suitably feisty. 

According to Wolfette herself, the song is about “struggling to fit in and wanting to rip off the mask that you've been hiding behind. It’s about trying to live up to expectations but realising you're not being true to yourself and trying to work out who the real you is.”

Listen below and download over here. Enjoy!