I mean honestly, does Monarchy really have to go all masked avengers on us?  The boys have lovely faces and they really are onto something with their brilliant electronica, so for me, I honestly don't see the need for them cover themselves up for a bit of intrigue – but if that's what they want to do, then so be it.  But seriously how can they expect to be recognized with tape all over their faces?  It's kinda morid.  But whatever, I still will champion their great music because it's really worth listening to.

One of their best tracks is called "Love Get Out Of My Way" which got me really excitable last year when they released it as Milke, but they have since re-vamped it and given it a bit of extra flair for the Monarchy version which you can listen to over on their MySpace right now.  Monarchy have also offered up a free download of the Holy Ghost ft. Dixon remix to EQ readers that sounds COMPLETELY different – it's almost a different song entirely, but it's pretty funk-filled and spunky – I like it.  So if you're a fan of Monarchy, (and really you should be) download and listen to it below.

And you can catch all sorts of other free downloads by Monarchy and a plethora of other artists over on EQ Trax – go there and bookmark it!