Paolo Albertazzi

By Mandy Rogers

Right out of the blue, we were teased via POPTRONIK’S HOT FUSS recently by a few snippets of new material from Paolo Albertazzi about to be unleashed upon us.  News of which had us excited here at EQ HQ like Christmas Morning!

Rewind, for those not in on the picture, Paolo previously recorded under the name of Boyde, winning industry acclaim for his euro synth stompin tune “Are You Are Boy Or A Girl?”  Performed at one of our first EQ Live Show’s and is an absolute darling pop type of person that you ever did meet!

With the first of his fresh material now out there (check on the full dose of “Girls Do It BetterHere and Here) Paolo sent into us a little end of year present.

May we present to you with love from Paolo AlbertazziLove Like You’ll Never Get Hurt” a sentiment typified for the season, of peace, love, good will to all.  As we round in on the end of 2011 and ring in the New Year of 2012, what a beautiful way to bond them together, than with this glorious and heart grabbing arrangement.

Love Like You'll Never Get Hurt by Paolo Albertazzi