You know I can't quite believe I haven't blogged about LectroLips yet.  They sent me their debut record "Keyboard Sexy" awhile ago and I throughly enjoyed it.  It has a real La Roux quality to it and for fans of that micro genre in electronic music, I think you'll enjoy it.  Simple yet calculated and complex 80s keyboard music with a twist – really it's good stuff.  

Well since then, the London duo have put together a new track called "Supersize The Synthesizer" and have made it available for FREE download for all EQ readers  below!  LectroLips have also been working on a fun cover version of Madonna's "Think Of Me" which is really sounding pretty amazing – you can preview it on their MySpace.  I think given a proper promotional push for the final track – it could be a breatkthrough for them – after all, nu-retro is so hot right now.

LectroLips on MySpace

"Supersize The Synthesizer"