One of my new favorite remix duos, A Crowd Electric have been working their magic again and this time it's aimed at all those nutty Battlestar Galactica fans like myself who are mourning the dramatic series finale.  ModFab, I'm talking to you here…  

The boys have lent their original vocals and their signature A Crowd Electric twist on David Crabb's dance stomper "I Am A Cylon" – which when remixed, bares a slight resemblance to Pet Shop Boys "Absolutely Fabulous"…and that it is.

A Crowd Electric continue to wow me.  They have their finger firmly on the pulse of pop culture and can make any song sound 10x more amazing after it emerges from their magical studio.  Still, one of the hottest new remixers out there.

Make sure to download "I Am A Cylon" right here, right now.