This lady has baditude to the extreme.  Meet Pearl Future.

I just found out about her last night and she's one of those rising artists that instantly caught my eyes and ears.  Sassy, brashy and completely genre-busting – I think you'll find that she's not your typical pop wannabee.  Combing elements of pop, electro, hip-hop and classic soul into an 80's melting pot of bonkers tracks, it's hard to not have an appreciation for what she gets up to in the studio. 

I do find her tracks a little all over the place, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just very interesting to take in.  You have to hear it to decide for yourself actually – check out "It's Bad" and "He Likes" over on her MySpace and members of the EQ Facegroup Group can download the track "Shop Song" in the forums.  Enjoy!