They may be singing about Chinese trading here, but this Swedish electropop duo called Friday Bridge are really onto something with their infectious blend of pop infused-electro with song "Shanghai Shipping".  

Eager to satisfy those nu-retro lovers out there too, the duo have also put together a sparkle and glitter version of Billy Idol's "Eyes Without A Face" which was part of the Buffet Libre Rewind project.  But why should you download it?  Well the duo gave us their little sales pitch by saying:

"EQ readers – after the carbs-fat-and-alcohol-drenched holidays, it's clearly time for a slice of perfect pop instead". 

I couldn't agree more.  Both "Shanghai Shipping" and it's remixes are available now for you to download along with "Eyes Without A Face" over on their official website.  If you like what you hear, then make sure you keep them on your radar as their forthcoming album "Bite My Tongue" is coming out in March.