By Javi Lopez

Who is Feature Cuts? You probably haven't heard about this talented guy as he is fresh meat in the scene. He is from Houston, likes dubstep and masks. you should love him. Period. Feature Cuts has remixed a song from Ellie Goulding's album Halcyon and I was anxious to check what FC has for us.
Figure 8 is indeed one of my favorite songs from Ellie's album Halcyon – It's dramatic meaning brought to you by Ellie's so-well-controlled voice make this electronic ballad a master piece. So why not take it to NEXT level? Feature Cuts has done his thing turning Figure 8 into a more powerful track along with killer dubstep mixes; always keeping the song profesional, clean, fun and flawless.
How PERFECTO is this remix by Feature Cuts? Click play, download it and find out by yourself. Por que es muy bueno.