By Javi Lopez

STOP IT. YES, STOP. ok, Continue – The 21 years old New Yorker has brought a pussy-pop worthy mix tape 'Fantasea'. This RAP-ist has litterally done my ears. And for good. Is not just because it's aggressive rap as I like it, but because it has that hard bass, pop dipped (the most important part), club worthy and pole dancing material. Yes, That kinky.

The mixtape has a good, fierce start with 'Out of Space' – Strong Miss Bank$'s verses make it one of the best songs in it, unlike Neptune, making it a weak point on the album. You can even somehow think of Nicki Minaj when you listen to it. It is bad. I'm sorry.

I'm dancing my ass off to "Esta Noche" as I type this, my favourite track by far. You just have to listen to it to fall in love and feel all sleazy. Fantasea, Aquababe and Ima read leave you with a feeling that there should be more of them, and you just wait for it to continue and nothing happens. TEASE.

IN SUMMARY: Azealia Banks has brought something different, something you can listen to and not feel ashamed to share it. 'Fantasea' is a 8/10 mixtape and you can download it for free here and listen to 'Esta Noche' perfection below.

Shall we? shall we…..