Happy New Year EQs! 

One way to start off the new year is to go to www.rodanishei.com right now and download her free electro-pop album "End Of The Rainbow" which is quite good.  On the new starlet's website, you are also treated to a plethora of pictures as taken by the talented Tyler Shields along with the lyrics to all the songs.  My favorites tracks on "End Of The Rainbow" include "Drunk Txt", "Never Been Kissed" and my absolute favorite track – "Unlove Pill".

This concept of releasing albums for free to the public and giving new fans something to love and savor for free is my favorite new music marketing technique.  It's the future.  I hope that the music industry catches onto this concept one way or another and recognizes that it's an effective way to build up a new fanbase.  It's these fans that are the one's who will be paying money to see these new "internet pop stars" play live shows in the future and to buy specialty merchandise that will make up for the lack of a sale of a plastic disc. 

Great job all around Ro!  Great music, great internet package.  I would pay to see you play a show in my local area.