Ahhh, how I've missed Frankmusik.  While he's been soaking up the sunshine in LA for the better part of what seems forever working on his new album, we over here in the UK have been missing his consistent stream of brilliance in the way of quality electronic pop.  Admitting over Twitter that he's been holding back on giving fans new material because he wants to keep everything a surprise this time, the young talent certainly knows that his true fans are really really craving it…

@Frankmusik tweets: "I hate not giving you guys musik all the time like I used to do on myspace but this time the album is going to be a mega surprise :)  Well the good news friends is that my new single with shiny musik video is coming out in November <3  My background picture on twitter is actually a still from my new musik video for the "Fear Inside"! Expect something completely different! "

And there you have it – the new single "Fear Inside" dropping in November.  That gets me mega excited and I can't wait for Frankmusik's homecoming gigs in November when he returns to our fair British shores.