So this is the album cover for Frankmusik's "Complete Me"…

And here is the standard album tracklisting:  Surprisingly enough, "Vacant Heart" is on there!  I told Vince that it should be on the album and he said it didn't make the cut but it was gonna be a b-side – but look at it, it's there! 

Yay – I'm a happy EQ. 

  • In Step                
  • Better Off As 2            
  • Gotta Boyfriend?        
  • Confusion Girl (Shame Shame Shame)            
  • Your Boy            
  • When You're Around            
  • 3 Little Words            
  • Wonder Woman (yes a song mentioning Wonder Woman!)            
  • Complete Me            
  • Vacant Heart (so happy)   
  • Time Will Tell            
  • Done Done            
  • Run Away From Trouble
  • My Mind (looks like iTunes only)

But what's on the Deluxe edition you ask? 

Well it's definitely worth pre-ordering it on iTunes, that's for sure…it includes the "Re-Complete Me" full album remix and you also get the music vids to "3 Little Words" and "Better Off As 2" – uber fab!